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Friday, January 21, 2005

Armenian Genocide: not that bad.

I learned in my Ottoman history course, that the Armenian genocide wasn't a genocide, and that they in reality started it first. As such, they got their just reward. I consulted Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch, and he recommended Dadrian's books and Balakhian's book on the American response to it. Balakhian is a healthy dose of reality and should be read by all. You can easily find it on the shelf, as opposed to other more needy books. I have found it most interesting, and fact filled. We learn that the army and navy of the Ottomans was dismantled because Abdul Hamit II thought that the soldiers would use the weapons on him, so they were ill prepared for anything, which is why they had to ask for German help in WWI. This unprotective army contributed to the uprisings and desire to get rid of an incompetent (or even impotent) caliphate, through the means of the Young Turk movement. This was headed in part by Mustafa Kemal, later called Ataturk, but he was no hero.

Be sure and read these books, as they are an effective counter measure against negationism. Also, Balakhian's book has a concluding chapter which details when and how it was denied. Even Bernard Lewis denies it.


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